Skin Treatments


NEW! Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is the use of a surgical steel blade to manually exfoliate the skin. This safe treatment is wonderful for a bi-weekly exfoliation treatment. With greater control of depth of exfoliation this treatment is indicated for any skin type – including sensitive! $30

The Express

Not sure about getting a facial? Worried that new products might break you out? This 30 minute treatment is the perfect introduction! A cleanse, tone, and exfoliation or mask is the perfect balance for someone new to professional treatments. Customized to your individual needs, this treatment is great for everyone! $25

Complete Customized Facial

We’ve simplified my treatment offerings and offer just one customized facial. Whether your skin is acne prone or aging, this treatment is completely customized to your skin needs. $40


Want to learn if a deeper peel is right for your skin? I offer a variety of peels with little to no downtime but do not offer majority of peels to first time clients. I believe in an approach to skin care that is steeped in maintaining the health, vibrancy, and integrity of the skin. Therefore, I offer consultations to first assess each client’s skin condition, area(s) of concern and treatment path. Home-care recommendation usage may be required 2-4 weeks prior to peel appointment. $40

*Prices are subject to change at any time.

**All treatment times are estimates and depends solely on what you skin needs.