Service Enhancements



Your choice between Focus, Fatigue, or Stress Relief/Anxiety blends of essential oils. This can be added to any service of your choice. $5

Facial Cupping

The perfect way to plump up fine lines and bring blood flow back to the surface of the skin resulting in radiant skin! This is the perfect treatment for before a big even or photos. $5


In place of the conventional exfoliation methods of my skin treatments you can choose to experience microdermabrasion using diamond tip technology! $10

High Frequency Scalp Treatment

A blend of essential oils that help promote strong hair growth follows a high frequency comb treatment that has proven to help stimulate hair growth! $5

Cooling Lymph Facial Massage

Help depuff your skin with this 10 minute add-on. Ice cold beauty globes are used to help stimulate lymph flow in your skin resulting in a reduced appearance of pores and firmer looking skin. $5

Lactic Acid Booster

Boost your regular facial enzyme with lactic acid! This Alpha Hydroxy Acid is perfect for a deeper exfoliation while promoting hydration in the skin. $15

*Prices are subject to change at any time