How to Save Your Skin This Winter

Ah, Winter! The time of beautiful snow and… chapped skin. Do you deal with that? You aren’t the only one! I have 3 favorite products for the winter that are amazing at keeping your skin calm, cool, and collected. Dry, winter skin be gone!

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First, the Ageless Hydrating Serum ($30) is perfect for more oily skin. It’s not too heavy but helps guard again TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss). It has Hyaluronic Acid which helps bind water to the skin and Aloe to help soothe redness.

Second, the Hydrating Moisturizer ($23) is a little bit heavier but soaks into the skin nicely. This not only has Aloe to help soothe irritated skin but also Rose Hip that helps to strengthen capillaries that can break in the harsh winter wind. Shea Butter helps provide a light occlusive layer to help prevent TEWL.

Lastly, the Lip Balm ($5). It’s definitely my favorite lip balm of all time. It has SPF 15 to help protect your lips from the sun and lots of emollients to help protect chapped lips.

Investing in your skin now will help save pain and energy later trying to fix the damage.

“I regret taking care of my skin…”

  • Said no one ever!



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