The Best Way to Slow Aging?

It’s preached over and over yet so many of us have trouble following through every single day. Wearing SPF is the absolute best way to slow aging. Even when it’s cloudy or you’re not going outside, UV rays from the sun still manage to damage your skin.


A physical sunscreen is best because it reflects the UV rays away from your skin. Look for Zinc or Titanium Oxide. There is no need to use a higher SPF than 30. Any more than that doesn’t truly give any more protection.

SPF is so important because the sun effects your skin on so many different levels. From sun spots to damaging collagen production, to a severely increased risk of developing skin cancer every skin type of all ages will benefit from it’s use.

I love the SPF from Skin Script because they have formulated this physical sunscreen to not give flashback in photos. It has a beautifully hydrating formula that most people won’t need a specific moisturizer during the day as well. And at a price point of $24 you cannot go wrong!

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