Is your Esthetician putting you at risk?

Many people don’t realize that Estheticians (and Cosmetologists, Nail Techs, and Massage Therapists) are in licensed industries. We go to school, and take state exams in order to do what we do.

In school we learn proper sanitation protocols to make sure our clients are safe from cross contamination of products and tools. That way, if the person before you, or 5 days before you, had a contagious disease YOU don’t run the risk of catching that. It is absolutely imperative that your beauty professional takes proper care of their tools and products to make sure that each client is kept safe.

That is why I keep a tight ship and treat my implements and products as if it were a medical setting. Barbicide and Cavicide are used between every client where appropriate. Products are dished out for each client individually so I don’t cross contaminate them and brushes are cleaned appropriately every single time.

How do you keep yourself safe? Make sure that your professional is licensed. Their state issued license should be visible in their work space. If the work space is dirty, it’s likely that their implements and products are dirty as well. Wax sticks should never be double dipped, and there should be a brand new wax roller and cartridge for each client regardless of what is being waxed.

And if you see something that is not sanitary don’t be afraid to report it to your state board of cosmetology.

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